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Eric is the proud father of Alec and Chan, and a dedicated public servant who has devoted his career to serving the District of Columbia.

Eric moved to DC as a young law school graduate, and his first job was as a council staffer for Ward 8 Councilmember Sandy Allen. He knows that we are all one city and what happens in one neighborhood matters for all neighborhoods - especially with our schools.

As the parent of two children, Eric also knows that the hard work of building an inclusive, safe, vibrant, and sustainable city can’t wait. We need thoughtful solutions now.

The challenges brought to us by the pandemic will not be easy to overcome.

Eric has worked across DC Government, partnering with non-profit organizations, businesses, and community groups to create solutions and uplift our neighbors. His experience developing legislation, preparing and managing budgets, running a key government office, and working with residents puts him in a unique position to deliver for every Ward 3 resident from day one. 

During 19 years of service, Eric has held senior leadership roles across DC Government including:


  • District of Columbia Budget Director

  • Director of the DC Council Budget Office

  • Director of the DC Council Committee on Health

  • Director of the DC Council Committee on Finance and Revenue

  • Budget Advisor to the Attorney General

  • Budget Advisor in the Office of the Chief Financial Officer

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