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2023 Priorities


Build a coalition of Ward 3 parents to advocate for funding Ward 3 schools through the Adequacy Study, which is an in-depth study to ensure full and equitable funding for schools via the city's Uniform Per Student Funding Formula (UPSFF) to avoid cuts like Hardy Middle School is experiencing this year.


Improve teacher retention by advocating for annual approvals of union contracts with salary increases and retention incentives; free tuition for continuing education opportunities; and funding to support the creation of affordable working housing for Ward 3 teachers in our Ward 3 communities.


Expand extra-curricular activities for young people in sports, arts, music, robotics, etc.


Solve school overcrowding through the Attendance Zone Boundary Study, which will be critical in addressing Ward 3 school overcrowding.  As part of this process, I would like to work with Ward 3 parents to advocate for the following priorities:


  • Ensure that all Ward 3 neighborhood elementary schools have the physical capacity to guarantee by-right Pre-K 3 and Pre-K 4.


  • Ensure that we have an adequate number of classrooms to reduce class sizes.


  • Examine all available large parcels for the District to purchase or lease sites that would create opportunities to build new schools throughout Ward 3.


  • Advocate for additional funding for Stoddert Elementary School modernization to build an additional floor and avoid the split of the Stoddert School Community.


Create opportunities for optional year-round education, which will reduce summer learning loss.  I would like to reimagine the Marion Barry Summer Youth Employment, to include more educational elements, field trips, sports, music, and the arts – while retaining a job readiness element and payments for participating students.


Collaborate with the knowledgeable members and staff of DC’s State Board of Education to create an engaging school curriculum and implement the “Every Student Succeeds Act” by preparing a statewide graduation accountability plan and to establishing criteria for school report cards.


Advocate for the installation of sidewalks and raised, painted crosswalks around our schools to improve pedestrian safety.

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